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Ratchet straps are used to strap heavy objects on top of a truck or a vehicle. The strap is used to wrap an object tightly onto the vehicle with the help of the ratchet mechanism. The strap is used to secure bulky objects or cargo onto the platform of a vehicles roof. A ratchet strap can be used easily as it has a simple mechanism. They come in different widths and lengths.

Ratchet straps are usually made of polyester webbing and are used to secure large cargo mainly to transport the cargo. A 1-inch thin strap of nearly 6-foot long can be used to strap a bike on a truck. These straps are also used to transport boats from one place to another. To strap an oil drill pipe on to a big rig you would have to use a wide strap that is about 20-feet long. These can ensure your furniture a smooth ride while moving. The ratchet straps are made to keep and hold heavy loads securely and ensure safety during transportation.

When you are buying ratchet straps it is important to consider the weight of the load it is used to secure, which will determine the size and the strength of the strap that needs to be used. The straps load capacity is usually determined by the width of the strap. The stronger are wider in width and the width of the straps can vary from 1-2-3- to 4 inches. The connector strap that is used to secure to the point of anchor is also a major factor that influences the strap’s strength.

In order to meet the limits set for the work load and the break strength, all ratchet straps will have to meet the strength measurement criteria that have been set by up many international and US standard agencies. It is also important to know the differences between the terms work load and break strength. Break strength is referred to the maximum weight at which the strap could fall apart. A work load limit that is roughly equivalent to 1/3 of the break strength is considered feasible and safe.

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